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Things to consider when choosing a home care agency


1. Quality of the Agency

Q How many years has the agency been serving the community?

A Recently established, however, the medical crew is made up of  registered Nurses who have been operating the Salvation Academy nursing education program for the past 7 years


Q. Is the agency licensed?

A. The states of Virginia require licenses to operate. We met all legal  requirements mandated by the state of Virginia and the federal government.   State certification by  health departments makes a home health care provider eligible for Medicare (and sometimes Medicaid) payments. . .


Q. Who will be coming to my home?

THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS will assemble a care team based on your specific needs. This team may include a combination of skilled medical professionals and home health aides who will do everything possible to bring you to your optimal level of independence


Q. Are the caregivers bonded?

All employees of THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS are bonded and covered by liability insurance to cover injury to the client or theft. We provide our caregivers with company-paid workers compensation insurance so you are not liable for on-the-job injuries or accidents.


Q. How are the agency’s health care professionals screened?

All licensed and non-licensed caregivers employed by THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS undergo rigorous pre-employment screening including employment verification and criminal background checks.


Q. Can the caregivers legally work in the U.S.?

Yes, THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS complies with all federal and state regulations regarding work status.


Q. Are federal and state taxes paid for the caregivers so the family isn’t legally responsible?

Yes, THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS makes all appropriate tax withholdings and payments.


2. Supervision and Monitoring of Caregivers

Q:  How are the caregivers supervised and monitored?

All of THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS services are provided under the direct supervision of a nurse. Regular phone and in-person supervisory services are made by our professional staff.


Q. If my family member is not available to supervise the caregiver how will they know I am receiving adequate care?

THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS’s caregivers are required to complete status reports detailing the services they perform each day, verified by the patient’s signature.


3. Customer Service

Q. When are services available?

 MEDICAL CREW PLUS caregivers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Services are intended to accommodate your schedule and can generally be planned in accordance with your preferences. You can call our office directly during normal business hours Monday through Friday. After-hours and weekends, a nurse and a service coordinator are always available to handle your questions and concerns.


Q. Can the agency ensure my confidentiality?

THE MEDICAL CREW PLUS handles patient information in a confidential manner to guarantee HIPAA compliance. Please see our privacy policy for more information


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